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Last update: januari 09, 2021


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The largest shopping center in the world

Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world, is located in Downtown Dubai. The building is located next to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. You can reach the Burj Khalifa without leaving the shopping center.

On the square behind the shopping center you can find the largest dancing fountains in the world, The Dubai Fontain.

The Dubai Mall has more than 1,300 stores, an aquarium of 10 million liters of water, a cinema with more than 20 rooms, an Olympic skating rink, …

To accommodate all this, the shopping center has a floor area of 550,000 square meters.

In this article we take you into this crazy complex.

The Dubai Mall entrance
Shop till you drop!

How big is The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Rooftop

Shop till you drop

The shopping center has a total floor space of more than 550,000 square meters, which is the equivalent of 110 football pitches. This area is spread over 4 floors, lower ground, ground floor, first floor and second floor.

In the meantime it has more than 1,300 stores, 200 restaurants and 14,000 parking places.

When you are tired of shopping, there are plenty of attractions to do and sights to admire. You can admire the sharks of more than 5 meters in the Dubai Aquarium or King Croc, a giant crocodile, in Underwater Zoo.

But there are many more things to do, these are discussed later in this article.

What stores are there in The Dubai Mall?

The most beautiful, largest, most famous,…

It goes without saying that you will not come across sloppy or unfinished boutiques here. You will think, yes yes nothing for me, far too expensive … Unfortunately you are wrong, in addition to the huge expensive brands such as Rolex, Hermes Prada, Chanel, Cartier, Louboutin, … you can also find the less expensive ones find brands. Consider for example H&M, Diesel, Guess, …

There is much more besides clothing in The Dubai Mall. This way you can find one of the most beautiful Apple Stores in the world. When visiting this electro giant you can go past the store to a terrace with a wonderful view of the Burj Khalifa and the world famous Dubai Fontains. Definitely worth taking a few selfies.

For a complete list of all stores you can visit the official website of The Dubai Mall or via the special app for IOS or Google Play of this shopping center.

Dubai Mall Floors

Are stores tax free at The Dubai Mall?

Tax free sign

A question we have been asked several times, do you have to pay VAT in the shops of The Dubai Mall? The answer to this is yes, no, but actually it is. Sounds difficult but here we explain.

Since 2018, Dubai has applied a VAT rate of 5%, this rate is valid for purchases in retail. Some other sectors are taxed differently or not at all.

When you make a purchase in Dubai or in one of the other emirates, you can get 85% VAT refund as a tourist. We explain briefly how this works.

Tax refund in Dubai

How can you shop tax free in Dubai?

When you make a purchase as a tourist in a store, you can ask at the checkout that you want to reclaim the VAT. After showing your passport, the cashier will add a tag to the back of the cash register ticket and record your purchase in the system.

The system used for this is Planet Payment.

With this cash register ticket you can then reclaim 85% when leaving Dubai. You can do this at the airport at a digital kiosk. These can be found for the check-in and for the security check.

However, there are different conditions. For example, you pay another 4.8 AED per validation of a cash register ticket, which amounts to approximately $ 1.3.

An example:

You buy something of $ 1,000, then the VAT (5%) amount is $ 50. Of this 50 dollars you get 85% back which comes to 42.5 dollars. On this $ 42.5 you pay an additional $ 1.3 transaction fee. So on a purchase of $ 1,000 you get $ 41.2 back in the end.

For smaller purchases, it is obvious that this is not worthwhile.

For all information about reclaiming VAT, you can visit the Planet Payment website.

Sights and attractions in The Dubai Mall

The eye catchers of the shopping center

At the beginning of this article, we stated that the world’s largest shopping center does not only offer shops and restaurants. There are several things you really should do when visiting The Dubai Mall.

Here we list the main sights or attractions that the mall houses.

Burj Khalifa At The Top

Burj Khalifa At The Top

The entrance to the Burj Khalifa is directly connected to The Dubai Mall.

For info & tickets you can visit our article about the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium

Admire the sharks of more than 5 meters in the underwater tunnel of almost 50 meters.

More info & tickets about Dubai Aquarium.

Underwater Zoo

Underwater Zoo

Do you dare to view the more than 750 kg crocodile?

More info & tickets about Underwater Zoo.

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink

Do you want to skate on an Olympic ice rink between shopping? It’s possible in this huge shopping center.

Dubai Dino

Dubai Dino

A dinosaur skeleton of 155 million years old.

You can find this handsome guy at the Cheesecake Factory where you can also enjoy delicious cheesecake while you look into the distant past.


Kidzania Dubai b9b1ce08

A nice playground for the children with different attractions.

VR Park

VR Park

Experience virtual reality at the highest level! Join a drone over Dubai or challenge your partner to a boxing match without injury.

Have fun in the largest virtual reality park in the world, VR Park.

Dubai Creek Tower replica

Dubai Creek Tower

From 2023, the Burj Khalifa will no longer be the tallest building in the world. The Dubai Creek Tower is going to transcend this.

View the model of this mega project in The Dubai Mall now.



Pure horror, you will find this in Hysteria. You will find the most bloody scenes in this park.

Burj Khalifa Square

Burj Khalifa Square

This immense square, at the foot of the Burj Khalifa and the exit of the shopping center, houses dozens of restaurants. From this place you can also see the wonderful light and fountain shows of the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain

At the bottom of the Burj Khalifa you can admire the largest fountain show in the world, the Dubai Fountain.

The Waterfall

Dubai Mall The Waterfall

This waterfall is perhaps the most photographed attraction of the shopping center. Time for a selfie when passing this huge waterfall!

Reel Cinemas

Dubai Mall The Waterfall

Enjoy a movie experience like never before at one of 26 screens in the largest and most luxurious cineplex in the world.

Eat at the Dubai Mall

In addition to shopping and entertainment, you can also enjoy delicious food in more than 200 restaurants. From fast food to the most extravagant culinary dishes.

The restaurants are distributed throughout the shopping center, but most can be found at the Food Corner. This zone with all kinds of restaurants is located at the exit to the fountains.

However, if you want a cozy dinner with a view of the world’s largest fountain show, you can go outside next to Burj Khalifa Lake.

Here you can find dozens of restaurants with a unique view of the Burj Khalifa.

You won’t starve in The Dubai Mall.

Hotels close to the shopping center

If you only go to Dubai with the intention of shopping, it might be a good idea to take a hotel in the area.

There are 8 hotels in and around The Dubai Mall where you can stay. The most expensive and exclusive is the Armani hotel that is located on the lower floors of the Burj Khalifa. For a night in this hotel you pay quickly between 400 and 800 dollar.

However, there are also cheaper hotels that belong to The Dubai Mall. In this list we list them with a direct link to or the website of the hotel itself.

Dubai Mall floor plan

Explore the floors of The Dubai Mall before you leave with these floor plans. If you want to view this interactively, you can do that on the website of The Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall app

Find a store in the shopping center

You can imagine that in a shopping center of more than 1,300 stores it will take a little while to find your favorite store that you want to visit.

To solve this problem there are various solutions in The Dubai Mall. For example, you can request a paper folder folder from the service desks that you can find everywhere. Well, a paper folder is a bit ninetees.

That is why you can find digital touch screens on all escalators where you can look up everything, shops, restaurants, attractions, … You will also see the route that you have to follow.

Because The Dubai Mall is so large and probably already forgotten the route after a few seconds, you can download an app that takes you to your place via GPS.

Dubai Mall app


Throughout the shopping center there is very fast and good Wi-Fi coverage, really excellent. The antennas that ensure this also guide you through the shopping center via the app from The Dubai Mall.

Yes you read that right, the app navigates you to your favorite store. When do you have to go left or right, do I have to take the escalator, …

Navigate to your favorite store with your smartphone

Fun facts

There are still several services in The Dubai Mall that you can use. We give you the most important fun facts.

  • Delivery service:

    Shopping is nice but carrying the purchases all day is a little less cool. Good news! When you make purchases for more than 500 AED, approximately $ 136, in the shopping center, they are delivered free of charge in the hotel where you stay. If you bring them in before 17:00, they will be delivered to your hotel for free the same day!

  • The Dubai in-Mall taxi:

    If you are tired of walking, you can arrange transport to your favorite store within the shopping center at the service desk in Fashion Avenue. This is done with extended golf carts.

  • Shoe shine service:

    Let your shoes shine for free in Fashion Avenue.

  • Power bank:

    Many photos sent through WhatsApp and the battery almost empty? No problem! You can pick up a free charged power bank at the service desk after showing your passport or via a small deposit.

  • Withdraw money:

    You can find an ATM almost every 2 minutes, so don’t worry if you only have your debit card with you. Please note, always withdraw money in AED and not in your own currency, this is cheaper! All information about this can be found on our website at money & currency in Dubai.

Smoking in The Dubai Mall

It is forbidden to smoke in the entire shopping center, but there are places to smoke at every exit.

Where is The Dubai Mall Located?

The largest shopping center in the world can be found in Downtown Dubai.

You can see this place from far since the huge Burj Khalifa is right next to it.

Download the Google Maps map and enter “Dubai Mall” as the destination.

How to reach The Dubai Mall by public transport

How to reach the Dubai Mall by public transport in Dubai? Oh yes, you will find out here. All information about public transport in Dubai can be found in the transport category of our Dubai Travel Guide. This way you can view the rates for every means of transport and what you should pay attention to when taking public transport in Dubai.

Dubai Taxi

By Taxi

This is very simple, there is not a single taxi driver who does not know where The Dubai Mall is. Just report that you want to go shopping at The Dubai Mall and everything will be fine.

Would you like to know more about taxis in Dubai?

Dubai Metro

By Metro

Take the red metro line and get off at the Burj Khalifa / The Dubai Mall metro station. Via the Metro Link bridge you reach the largest shopping center in the world.

Want to know more about the driverless metro in Dubai?

Dubai Bus

By Bus

There are two buses that service The Dubai Mall every 16 minutes: route 27 from the Deira Gold Souk station and route 29 from Ghubaiba bus station. The buses arrive and depart from the tourist drop-off area.

Looking for more information about the Dubai buses?

Contact information

All contact details and social media channels of The Dubai Mall.


You can find the shopping center at the foot of the immense Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai.

Opening hours

Every day from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., The Dubai Mall is open all year round. You can go here for the current opening hours and exceptions.

Faq & conclusion

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where is it?

The Dubai Mall can be found in Downtown Dubai, right next to the Burj Khalifa.

How big is it?

The Dubai Mall is 550,000 square meters and has more than 1,300 stores, 200 restaurants and 14,000 parking places.

What are the opening hours?

The shopping center is open every day from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. Shops close at midnight, restaurants stay open for an hour longer.

Can you bargain in the stores?

Bargaining is practically impossible in any store because they are all official sales points of international brands or chains.

Can you smoke inside?

No, there is a smoking ban over the entire shopping center. Vaping is also not permitted. There are places for smoking at every exit.

Dress codes

There is no strict dress code in the shopping center, but it is advisable to dress properly and not go there for example in swim shorts or bikini.

Is there WiFi in The Dubai Mall?

There is an excellent and fast WiFi connection throughout the entire complex.



The Dubai Mall is definitely worth a visit when you travel to Dubai! Exploring the entire complex in one day will be quite a task. If you are a shopping enthusiast, it is best to spend two full days in the world’s largest shopping center, The Dubai Mall!