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Advertisements are one of the much-needed things to keep this blog online, yet we want to keep the advertisements limited and thus only provide our users with relevant advertising. Read more about how we deal with advertising on our website.

Advertising on Dubai Junkies

As you can read on our “about page“, this website / blog was created out of pure passion for the emirate. Advertising is therefore only necessary for us to cover our costs of this website a little. Think of hosting, domain names, social media marketing, newsletters, …

We must admit that making this blog our full-time occupation is one of our dreams. But even when that is the case, we will only keep our advertising qualitative and relevant. By doing this we want to distinguish ourselves from the other travel blogs about Dubai. For the visitor, this has the advantage that it remains a clear website without popping advertising messages. Not only the visitor benefits from this, but you as an advertiser also stand out much better!

Advantages for you as an advertiser

  • Your ad is on a nice blog.

    You can enjoy a uniquely designed website with excellent content.

  • Limited costs

    Because our website / blog is driven by a passion, you advertise cheaply.

  • Long-term entry at rock bottom prices.

    The first year of our blog (2021) you can conclude a long-term partnership cheaply that remains valid for 3 years!

  • Enormous growth

    The drive is immense to get this website in the top 10 of Dubai travel blogs worldwide. We ourselves view this as an investment, so a whole part of our budget is also spent on this.

  • Great expansion options

    For this project we already bought more than 20 domain names to later become the number 1 locally in the main countries when you are looking for how to go on holiday to Dubai. For example, the Belgian and Dutch market will be our target from the end of 2021.

  • Rise of tourism in Dubai

    Dubai will experience tremendous growth in the coming years. For example, the emirate will receive millions of extra visitors through the Dubai Expo alone.

  • Personal contact & quality partnership

    We always process and assess applications ourselves. You can also count on our full support and recommendation for this. Hopefully you will do that for us.

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As an advertiser you are always in direct contact with the owner of Dubai Junkies!

Johan Peeters – Founder of Dubai Junkies
Do you also want to advertise qualitatively on this website?

Exponential growth

While writing this text (January 2021), we have already noticed a nice growth of our unique visitors and also our page views.

For example, we currently receive just under 1,000 unique visitors and 3,850 page views per month. This will only continue to increase due to the continuous addition of new informative content. We have set ourselves a modest goal of 50,000 page views per month by the fall of 2021, which we believe is easy to achieve.

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Prices and options

We understand very well that as an advertiser you want to get value for money. That is why we have put together interesting packages that are super affordable, after all, you have to gain confidence.

As an early adopter, you can also enjoy an extra 20% discount when the time of the partnership has expired. After all, the extra money we receive as a result goes directly back into our website for paying extra trips to publish more quality content. Are you also convinced of our story and do you also believe in our passionate project?

Premium package


Valid for 12 months
Max. 10 advertisers simultaneously

  • Banner on 5 pages of your choice.
  • 3 posts on all our social media channels (relevant)
  • 1 blog post with link relevant to Dubai
  • 20% discount on extension (only for the early birds)

Price ex. VAT!

Pro package


Valid for 24 months
Max. 5 advertisers simultaneously

  • Banner on 10 pages of your choice.
  • 4 posts on all our social media channels (relevant)
  • 2 blog post with link relevant to Dubai
  • Banner in 5 newsletters
  • 20% discount on extension (only for the early birds)

Price ex. VAT!

Master package


Valid for 36 months
Max. 2 advertisers simultaneously

  • Banner on 15 pages of your choice.
  • 6 posts on all our social media channels (relevant)
  • 4 blog post with link relevant to Dubai
  • Banner in all our newsletters
  • Small logo banner in footer
  • 20% discount on extension (only for the early birds)

Price ex. VAT!

For other proposals you can contact us via our contact page.