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Dubai International Airport, DXB, the full guide!

Everything you need to know about Dubai International Airport, DXB! Information about the terminals, metro connection, taxis, WiFi, tax free shops, …

All questions about Dubai’s busiest airport are answered in this article.

About Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Dubai International Airport from above

Traffic & location

Dubai International Airport is currently the largest and busiest airport in the United Arab Emirates. The airport handles more than 90 million passengers a year, making it one of the busiest airports in the world.

The airport is located in the older part of Dubai, Al Garhoud, and close to the Dubai Creek and the old town of Deira.

Because the expansion capacity is almost reached, they started with a new airport, Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), which is located approximately 50 kilometers further towards Abu Dhabi.
Dubai International Airport has DXB as IATA (International Air Transport Association) code.

World hub

The airport is an important global hub for passengers and cargo. It has the perfect location between the east and the west of the world. For example, flights from Australia to England usually have Dubai Airport as a stopover.

Home base

There are 3 airlines that have the airport as their home base, Emirates, Emirates SkyCargo and Flydubai.

Emirates logo


Emirates is the largest airline and has the largest Airbus A380 fleet in the world. The Boeing 777 fleet that they have is also the largest in the world.

Flydubai logo


Flydubai is a low cost airlines and works closely with Emirates. They usually operate at a shorter distance.

Emirates SkyCargo logo

Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo is the freight department of Emirates and has more than 15 aircraft to transport cargo.

Terminal Dubai International Airport

The terminals of Dubai International Airport

The airport has 3 terminals for passengers and 1 terminal for cargo.

Terminal 1 is most used for European and Western flights.

Low cost airline Flydubai operates at terminal 2. This terminal is also used for other short-haul flights to neighboring countries.

The largest of the three, terminal 3, seamlessly connects with terminal 2 and is therefore one of the largest buildings in the world.

Terminal 3 is specially equipped with double deck gates for the Airbus A380s from Emirates. The latter is therefore only used by Emirates.

At the end of the runway is the cargo terminal where various freight companies operate. Emirates SkyCargo also has its own building here.

More than 90 million passengers a year – DXB

About Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Dubai International Airport facilities

Dubai International Airport has a wide range of facilities. We have listed the best and most useful facilities at the airport.

Smoking Room Dubai Airport

Smoking area

It is forbidden to smoke or vape in the airport. There are special smoking areas for a maximum of 5 minutes’ walk. There are smoking rooms in terminals 1, 2 and 3.

Girls use wifi in airport

Free WiFi

There is full WiFi coverage throughout the airport. This service is completely free.

TerminalTaxi DXB fb60fd20

Terminal taxi

Since the end of 2019 you can use a terminal taxi, TaxiDXB, for free. For the time being 15 cars are available and only run in Concourse B of terminal 3.

Inside Dubai RTA Bus

Terminal shuttle bus

There are 3 terminals at Dubai International Airport. Terminals 1 and 3 are connected by the red metro line. Here you can also opt for the free DXB bus service between the 2 terminals. The bus service leaves every 10 minutes and is available 24/7 free of charge.

Automate People Mover APM Dubai Airport 1850437f

Automated People Mover APM

The APM (Automated People Mover) makes the connection between the departure and arrival hall to the gates. You can go from Terminal 1 with the APM to Concourse D. If you take the APM in Terminal 3 you can take the driverless train to Concourse A & B. Everything is perfectly marked with floor stickers.

Dubai International Airport facilities

Metro from Dubai International Airport

Metro and Taxi Rank Dubai Airport ab022b66

Where to take the metro in the airport?

The metro is a convenient means of transport in Dubai.

Dubai International Airport has 2 stations on the red line of the metro, Airport Terminal 1 & Airport Terminal 3.

These can be reached from the terminals of the same name.

Terminal 2 does not have its own metro station. There you are obliged to take the bus or taxi. The 2 metro stations are almost at the end of the route. That is why you will most likely have to take the metro towards UAExchange and not Rashida.

More information can be found in our Dubai Metro Guide.

Metro from Dubai International Airport

Take a taxi in Dubai International Airport

Dubai Taxi Rank DXB

Taxis are also available at Dubai International Airport. At each exit of the airport you can find taxi stands where a multitude of taxis are waiting to take you to your destination in Dubai city.

More info about the cost of a taxi ride can be found in our Dubai Taxi Guide.

Food at Dubai International Airport

Leaving the airport with hunger or thirst is almost impossible. A delicious coffee from Starbucks or a delicious hamburger from McDonalds, it can taste!
Are you more interested in an extensive meal? That is also no problem at Dubai International Airport. A delicious steak from the Jack’s Bar & Grill or a more refined dish at the Giraffe restaurant, no shortage of tasty food!

More information about what you can eat and drink can be found on the DXB website at dining.

McDonalds Dubai Airport 06f143a1
Food at Dubai International Airport

Tax free shopping at Dubai International Airport

Almost every airport has a duty-free shopping zone, also in Dubai this is no different. Electronics, fashion, gifts, … but you can also purchase alcohol and cigarettes tax-free in Dubai International. Note what you bring from duty-free goods from other airports to Dubai International, there are restrictions on this.

More information about what you can bring to Dubai can be found on the page of customs in Dubai.

Tax Free Shop Dubai Airport a1ce00d0
Cigarettes Tax Free Dubai Airport 0033a7f9
Tax free shopping at Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport map

Dubai International has 2 runways that can each be flown in 2 directions. There are also different types of transport within the airport. In this simple map you get a view of the terminals and transport at Dubai International Airport.

Dubai International Airport map
Dubai International Airport map

Emirates Lounges at Dubai International Airport

Up to four hours before your flight you have time to dine, relax or finish some work in one of the 7 Emirates Lounges at Dubai International Airport.

The Business or First Class Lounge of Emirates are free of charge for Business and First Class passengers of Emirates or Qantas.

When you fly with economy you can also enjoy this facility for a fee. The Emirates Lounges are not limited to Dubai alone. For example, you can also use this facility in France, Germany, Japan, India, …

More information about the Emirates Lounges.

Emirates Lounge Entrance 5742b8b1
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Emirates Lounge 607ce0c4
Emirates Lounges