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Belgium Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, everything you need to know!

Learn everything about the Belgian pavilion during the Dubai Expo 2020.

What is the main purpose of the Belgian pavilion? What does the Belgium pavilion look like? In which district is the pavilion located?

Belgian pavilion
at Dubai Expo 2020

Information about the Belgium pavilion during Expo 2020

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Smart & Green Belgium 2050

BelExpo is the organization that wants to put Belgium on the map worldwide by building a super ecological pavilion, to which the name also refers, The Green Ark.

The slogan of Belgium is “Smart & Green Belgium 2050”. The super ecological pavilion has more than 10,000 plants around and on the building. These ensure a total uptake of 35 tons of CO2 during the 173-day Expo. Various advanced renewable energies ensure that the pavilion produces more energy than it uses. It will also almost become a waste-neutral building.

Besix, builder of The Green Ark

The Ark of the future will be built by Besix, a Belgian construction company that has earned its credits with previous projects. Besix is ​​based in Belgium and is a fixed value in Dubai! They already helped build the gigantic Burj Khalifa.

Besix is ​​also responsible for a large part of the general infrastructure for the world exhibition at Dubai Expo 2020. The Atomium, a building of the 1958 World Expo in Brussels (Belgium), has also been completely renovated by the construction company. In the same city they also took care of the construction of the European Parliament.

Rik Vandenberghe, CEO of Besix:

We are very proud to build the Belgian pavilion. It is a “home match” for us because we are already active in the United Arab Emirates for over fifty years. Our pursuit of excellence will be clearly visible in this project to promote Belgium, its regions, communities and businesses.

About the pavilion

Belgium facts

Belgium flag
  • Surface: 30.528 km²
  • Population: 11,515,793
  • Official languages: dutch, french and german
  • Capital: Brussels
Dubai Expo 2020

More info about Dubai Expo 2020

During the first weeks of the world exhibition, Dubai Junkies will go exploring at Dubai Expo 2020. We will take a week for this grand event to gather the best information from the most important pavilions, including that from Belgium.

You can also expect an extensive collection of photos and videos. For all information and tickets you can visit the Dubai Expo 2020 page on our website.

The pride of Belgium

Belgium has several products that the country is proud of. The country is known throughout the world for making delicious chocolate. The traditional Brussels waffles are also known abroad.

But the biggest product that makes Belgium known worldwide is the different beers that are brewed there. Brands such as Jupiler, Stella Artois, Maes, Crystal, … are all beer brands that are exported from Belgium worldwide.

Finally you have the Belgium Fries. France and Belgium both say that they first invented the fries. They are known throughout the world as French Fries. If you want to taste Belgian fries, you can do that during the full duration of the Dubai Expo 2020.


Smart and Green Belgium 2050


Assar Architects and Vincent Callebaut Architectures


Mobility District
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Dubai Expo 2020
From October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021

Photos and videos of the Belgian pavilion

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